Monday, May 2, 2016

Siena quilt

I have been AWOL for a very good reason. I've been in bed. Resting. Because I'm pregnant with TWINS. Yes, I have to type it in all caps because even still, that's how I say it in my head. I've known since early March, at 8 weeks, and the shock has only sort of worn off. Every time I think to myself that I've adjusted to the fact that there are TWO, I realize something else that's going to be difficult. Oh yeah--I need to buy not one new carseat because my infant carseat has expired, but TWO. And TWO cribs (because my youngest jumped in our old hand-me-down crib sufficiently to completely break it), and a DOUBLE stroller. And...and...and... *sigh* So many things. Also--maternity clothes. Because I have borrowed in the past and have exactly 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants (not capris or shorts, mind, and I will endure the bulk of my pregnancy in summer), and 2 dresses. Most of which I will probably grow out of this time because, oh yeah, TWINS.

I'm overwhelmed, obviously. And exhausted. But, luckily, I'm not spending my days over the toilet. I've been very fortunate with all my pregnancies in that way--definite nausea, but rare vomiting. TMI? Sorry. I'll stop now. Oh, and my due date based on dates is October 9th, but twins will most likely appear earlier, so probably sometime in September.

Anyway...even though I've been staying in bed ALL the time, I still have some things to share. For one, I have a quilt appearing in a publication! I submitted my first quilt submission to Modern Patchwork last year and it was accepted! I'm so thrilled to finally be able to share--it's finally on news stands (April 19th was the official release date!) and I'm not going to lie--seeing my quilt professionally photographed was such an amazing experience. You can order it online here (it's available in print and digital)

I designed this quilt after my husband and I traveled to Italy to celebrate our tenth anniversary. We saw some amazing mosaics and frescoes all over Italy, but one that really struck me was in the Crypt at the Duomo in Siena. I drew out the design (no photography there, boo) and when I got home, I worked for a few weeks on transferring the idea into a workable patchwork and sewed it up. I gifted it to my husband as a late anniversary gift and also submitted it to the magazine. Because it was a gift for my tactile-oriented husband, I chose to back it with minky. And while I really wanted to do it in a variety of navys and gray, I really wanted to incorporate aqua into it because it's his favorite color, so I added just a pop and used aqua for the binding. And I love it.

When I submitted it, I submitted a photo of the finished quilt, but I also submitted a mock up of a version in solids with a focal block and after drawing it up, I think I might have liked it better! I was willing to sew it up for the publication, but so grateful that they wanted the one already sewn--I don't know if I would have had time to finish it up!

Anyway, I'm so excited and proud to see this quilt in publication! You can find the Spring 2016 issue of Modern Patchwork on news stands now--I've seen them at Joann's and sometimes at Barnes and Noble. Or, you can order a copy at their website. Also--make sure to check out your local quilt shop! Mine don't typically carry Modern Patchwork (boo) but yours might. And I love supporting local. :-)