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My name is Becca. I am a francophile baker, mother to two four adorable girls, wife, photographer, and quilter. I also have Celiac Disease, so macarons are the only French pastry I can enjoy in their traditional form. I get to stay home and be with my little girls every day, but my educational background is in English literature. I have a BA and an MA in English from BYU. I probably shouldn't admit that; now every typo will be all the more glaring!

I've been quilting for 6 7 8 years. When I moved into my current house, my (then-new) neighbor introduced me to quilting. I had a bit of a slow start, but in 2013, thanks to a new year's resolution, I have been quilting and finishing projects up like crazy! Okay, not crazy. But crazy compared to the pace I had been going at. I discovered quilt bloggers, and the more I quilted, the more I enjoyed it.

I am no expert quilter! I consider myself an advanced beginner or intermediate quilter at best. But I thoroughly enjoy it and am working on improving my technique all the time. I consider myself a modern traditionalist--I love traditional piecing techniques but am drawn to a lot of the modern layouts.

Feel free to email me questions; but if they're technical, I may refer you to an awesome tutorial elsewhere! :-)

*The font in blog title is Everytime I Miss You from the Kevin and Amanda website.

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