Friday, May 5, 2017

Color Play

I know I'm way late to the solids boat, but I love that solids are so popular and want to use them more often! Of course, it's hard because I also LOVE prints and there are so many adorable ones! However, pure color is so clean and modern. I want to get into it. Last year, I cut up my Kona Card (which you can read about here) and made it into a canvas for my wall, and I recently bought a Moda Match Maker. I bought it on an awesome sale from Fat Quarter Shop (they put the entire shop (excluding sale items) on sale for 20% off! Seriously!) and I combined it with my gift card I purchased in the weeks leading up to Christmas for 20% to get a great deal on it, because, man, those things are pricey!

When I got it, I was overwhelmed. It's not as easy to use I had hoped, and I actually prefer my Kona board for pulling colors, even though the chips are tiny tiny tiny. But I'm looking forward to getting to know it better.

In the meantime, I have this little group of Kona chips that I am just all heart eyes for. It's kinda mid-century modern to me...I may be totally wrong, but that's kinda the vibe I get. I love that it's bright, but not too bright...and the nice gray tones it all down. It's also got a little coastal/tropical vibe thanks to the aptly name Papaya yellow and Caribbean blue.

Now what to do with this group...