Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas in Seville

Here's Christmas quilt number two. I am pleased to say that the only fabric I needed to buy for this quilt was the white--everything else was from my stash. probably why the backing doesn't quite match up perfectly, and I probably would have picked a different border (red. I love red.). BUT, even with the concessions, I love it. I was really making an effort to USE my stash instead of just acquiring it. I don't know about you, but I'm guilty of picking up fabric here and there, adding to my stash because I love them, because they're good "stash-builders," because they're on an awesome sale and I just can't pass it up. But when it comes time to make a project, I go out and buy new fabric for the project (plus a little extra to add to my ever-growing stash because I can't bear to use it all on the current project).

This one is also a pattern by Allison Harris. It's Seville. I love how the smaller blocks work together to form this big octagon that you're just not quite sure how it goes together. Again, not a quick quilt. It was quicker than Dixie. I love Allison's patterns, but they're not particularly quick! They are really well-written. I'm working on another one right now, actually (pictures soon!).

It was tricky to line up the points, but Allison gave great tips. I can't say I was patient enough to follow them every time, so it is what it is. I'm working toward more perfect piecing, but I'm not ready to slow down too much to get it! :-)

For the backing, I didn't quite have enough of the red with holly, so I added blocks in an offset cross from one of the lines I used. Because I used white sashing, I wasn't able to use some of the florals that had white backgrounds because there wouldn't have been enough contrast, so I used them on the backing.

I used a variety of prints, some not even Christmas, which I love. There are a few from the same line, but as much as I love quilts from a single coordinating line, I love that I put these together myself. I said love a lot right there...I gotta work on my vocabulary! I wish that the green was a little closer to the same green I used in my other quilt, as they don't look great stacked up together, but c'est la vie!

Completion date: July 2014

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