Monday, August 7, 2017

Shimmer Quilt

The twins (and just having 4 kids in general...) have really taken a toll on my sewing time. I still get time, of course, but not nearly as often and not nearly as much. And finding a chunk of an hour or more at a time? Forget about it!

So, since I don't get large chunks of time...I tend to do quicker things. Single blocks for samplers, bags that can be easily broken down into small chunks, etc. Binding did not make the list.

Also, I dislike binding.

So, there you go. :-)

However, I do like completing when our neighborhood sewing retreat rolled around, I planned to finish up two quilts that had been waiting for bindings since early spring.



But, I got both of them done and it feels great! I'd hesitated because I really like to get a binding done in one go. It's no fun to drag it out over days. So the retreat was the perfect opportunity.

The first one is this Shimmer quilt (pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew). I used this photo that I took a few years ago up Provo Canyon for color inspiration, and it's really unlike any color scheme I've done before. It's my "autumn quilt." And I think I'll pull it out to rest on my couch during the fall.

Lately, I've sewn my quilts entirely from my stash, and while I still fabric shop a lot (who doesn't love fabric shopping?!), I really love quilting from my stash. Even the background fabric is Hometown by Sweetwater and I had *just* enough. I was worried it would be too busy, but I actually really like it. I even pulled the backing and the binding from my stash, wahoo! The backing was actually a piece of fabric I got from a friend when she moved. She had a closet FULL of fabric (mostly apparel stuff) and didn't want to take it so she put it all out for all of us neighborhood sewists to go through. The backing was pretty thick and tightly woven, and I think it probably had some polyester in it, but it was free and a great color, and if anything, it'll be durable! :-)

quilted by Abby Latimer
completed (finally) August 2017

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  1. I love that quilt!! Well done!!
    I also love sewing bindings, almost the best part. Usually a task that I pair with watching a good Drama on TV xx