Monday, September 14, 2015

Cherry Pie Mini Quilt

While I was shopping at a quilt shop that was closing, I picked up a copy of Fig Tree's Cherry Pie Mini Quilt. I really love the simplicity of it, and I quickly determined to make it. I pulled out fabrics from my scrap bins, and got them cut out. One of the best parts of a mini (for me...) is that there are generally not very many pieces to cut. Cutting is not my favorite part of quilting, though now that I have a better cutting table set up, it's not quite the arduous task it was.

I ended up making it during cherry season, though I failed to finish it before the cherries ended for the year (cherry season is only 3 weeks long, after all...). At least I'll have to remind me of what I have to look forward to next year!

The top went together really quickly. One thing I found confusing was the border cutting instructions. It looks square, but it's not to start with and the way she has you add borders on is very smart. However, they're not labeled on the diagram, so I ended up not cutting them in the beginning and waiting until it was time to sew them on, and then cut them to size. I believe the cutting instructions were accurate, but when I read through them, I just couldn't imagine how they could be correct.

I also made the mistake of not carefully sewing my stem pieces together, and had to unpick a few. I think she notes to do so carefully, but it was unclear as to why until I began to press them and discovered my error. Not a terrible mistake...and easily fixed.

And then the binding...I'm sure you notice the binding...which I did a terrible job on. I cut my strips more narrow than usual, but then didn't adjust my seam allowance enough, so I didn't have much to turn to the back. I hand bound it, in the car during a roadtrip, and the back truly looks horrible. Live and learn, right? Someday, I will be better at binding! :-)

Other than that minor hiccup, the pattern was a real joy to sew and I love the look of it. And it reminds me of Seattle, which we visited 3 years ago during July, and were treated to pounds and pounds of fresh cherries. Such great memories.


  1. Love the Cherries! I have that pattern to....... Must pull it out !

  2. What a sweet Cherry Pie quilt!! I love the organic straight/wavy line quilting!