Friday, July 1, 2016

Starting the Sampler Shuffle

I got a funny hankering a couple weeks ago to make a sampler quilt. I know, weird, right? But, I guess I was feeling like I was missing the Saturday Sampler at my local shop (it's been several years since I've done it and sign ups for the next year just recently closed) and a part of me felt like it would be a good way to do some quilting while I'm so pregnant. I don't always have energy to do a whole lot, and a big quilt seems daunting (though I for sure have some on my list, even with fabrics picked out!). Plus...I was browsing through Camille Roskelley's blog and found her Farmer's Wife posts, and her blocks are just too dang cute! It makes me want to make one. Except, I've seen the Farmer's Wife book, and there are way too many templates for my taste. I'm a rotary gal. So I hemmed, and hawed...I have Elizabeth Hartman's sampler book, and I have Vintage Quilt Revival as well, both of which have sampler patterns. But, Elizabeth Hartman's is largely template based too, and I wasn't sure I was ready to jump into learning her method, and I just wasn't feeling the Vintage Quilt Revival one. I'm not sure why...I just wasn't. Then I remembered Moda's Sampler Shuffle from last year, and while I did download most of the patterns as they went live, Fat Quarter Shop still has their page up with all the downloads. Score! And aside from the two appliqué blocks, it was exactly what I wanted. Simple, traditional blocks. I'll replace the appliqué blocks with something else--maybe second blocks of a couple of the patterns or something, with the colors changed up.

Of course, I'm all optimistic about making myself a cute sampler from my scrap boxes, but let's be honest...I'll probably fizzle out before finishing...

But, I have gotten a few blocks made! I started with Block #1 because it's one of my favorite traditional blocks anyway, and number 1 seemed like a great place to start. It was designed by Pat Sloan, and I just love how the design works. 

Block 1

For my fabrics for this, I've got a whole bin full of scraps pulled, so hopefully that will be sufficient. I pulled scraps in magenta, navy blue, aqua, yellow, and gray.  I would love to not have to cut into any yardage until it's time to set the blocks! We'll see. Again, I'm getting a little ahead of myself, aren't I? After all, I don't even know how many more weeks I'll be able to sit behind the machine!

Block 2

I've made a total of 5 blocks so far, and I've gone in order. Not that it's necessary, since all the patterns have been published, but it does make it easier to decide which blocks to do!

Block 3

I'm pretty pleased with all of them so far except for block 4, which I might redo. I thought my idea was kinda cool, but it didn't turn out like I expected. Which is fine--you don't really know until you try, right?

Block 4

Block 5

Anyway, we'll see how this goes. I'm enjoying seeing them come together, but we'll have to see how many I get done! 

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