Monday, November 14, 2016

sampler shuffle update

I've been sewing a lot more lately than I expected to be able to! Some days, there just isn't time, but I've been surprised at how much I have been able to do. I've gotten my pieces cut out for my Shimmer quilt (pattern by Allison Harris) and I've sewn together 3 blocks, and I've gotten some progress made on my sampler. I've finished 23 blocks so far, so it's coming right along!

I'm using the patterns from the Moda Sampler Shuffle. I'm planning to omit the appliqué blocks (I don't love appliqué, and I don't think they're the style that I want), and I made one twice because I messed up. The one below on the right was my first go, and instead of sewing the components in two different orientations, I sewed them all the same way. I like it, though, so I finished it up and I'll use it. And then I had the idea to do the chevron block in an ombre-esque style, and I like how it worked.

Here are a few others I've finished and really like.

I decided to change the layout on this one; the quarters in the original all face the same direction. I like how it turned out.

Before I started this project, I pulled out a pile of scraps to use. I wanted to limit the color palette to give it a cohesive feel without using a single fabric line. I wanted it to look scrappy but not too mismatched. I think it's working out. But I'm really surprised at how I really haven't made much of a dent in the scrap pile I pulled. Which is fine, of course. But I expected to bust more of my scraps! :-)

I really like this one, too, and it reminds me a lot of one of the quilts I made for my babies.

I still haven't decided how many blocks to make, and I'll pick up with The Splendid Sampler project organized by Pat Sloan when I've finished the Moda Sampler Shuffle blocks. And I haven't decided whether I want to lay them out on point or horizontally. I've never done on point, so a part of me wants to just so I can try something new. We'll see!

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