Friday, December 2, 2016

Fabric Friday: December 2

It has been way too long since I posted a fabric bundle. I posted last about fabric way back in February! I pretty much abandoned it during my first trimester when I was SO exhausted. And fabric kinda made me nauseous....yes, that's an awful feeling. But, I'm feeling much better and spending a lot more time in my sewing room. One day last week, I got a hankering to pull some fabric. I pulled two bundles, not exactly sure what I was going to do with them, but anxious to pull. It's therapeutic to sort my fabrics, selecting stacks that would work together. So, this bundle is inspired by our trip to Italy a year and a half ago, specifically Tuscany. I went back and looked for a specific photo that had inspired it, but didn't really find one: I think after looking through them all, it was more of an impression I had. So here's a couple pictures that contributed. :-)

Not exact colors, but they do give the feeling I remember from Tuscany...

When I think about Tuscany, I think of sienna and butter yellow and grass green with pale blue skies and purple and pink flowers. Washed out, almost neutral colors. It's a beautiful palette. These aren't pale, per se, but it's lovely. And I can't wait to return to Italy. It was a beautiful vacation, and one of the best parts was all the delicious food, especially since I ate so extraordinarily well and didn't worry one bit about food safety for my Celiac Disease.

And I seriously need to find a great pattern to use these in!


  1. Hi Becca, I love your blog and would love to follow you. I think my only option is IG. I found you on Fresh Lemon Quilts. Faith's blog inspired me to start a blog in 2013. Another thing we have in common is that I just about have my first quilt top designed by me - based on visiting Italy. Not ready to share yet. Well, maybe with Faith, and then you...I hope to see more of your quilting, sewing and blogging.

  2. Hi Anne! Thanks for your comment! I love Faith's blog, she has such great patterns and her book collaboration is one of my FAVORITE books ever. I would love to see your quilt based on Italy! I really loved my trip to Italy and I'm sure I'll be quilting more from inspiration from that trip, too. Thanks for following me on IG--that's a great place to follow. I don't have a newsletter set up yet, but if you use a blog reader like Feedly or other feed burners, you can follow through that. Thanks again for your comment!