Friday, July 17, 2015

Fabric Friday: July 17

Happy Friday!

I'm gearing up to go to my neighborhood group's sewing retreat staycation, and I'm super excited. I'm counting down the time until my husband gets home and I can kiss my family goodbye for the evening.

Last week I mentioned not being sure what I wanted to take, and I spent the week deciding and prepping. I cut out a bunch of stuff, all of it small stuff, so hopefully I'll have stuff to show off next week. I know I won't finish everything I prepped, but hopefully I'll come home with several finishes!

I also have a bundle of fabric. They are all Kona cotton, but I don't have any names, sorry. *hangs head in shame* I really am planning on buying a package of stickers and keeping them in my purse at all times so that when I'm at the fabric store, I can stick a sticker on with the name so I'll remember. They're all also different yardages obviously, and now that my images are in blogger, I realize the second up from the bottom really lost its hue in the transition from photo software to online, darn. It's a faint minty aqua mist color, and is fresh and clean and lovely. Not dingy gray as it might appear.

Have a great weekend; I know I will!!


  1. Have a great weekend Becca! Looking forward to seeing what the staycation produces!

  2. Enjoy yourself, looking forward to a show and tell all.

  3. Neighborhood sewing staycation! Sounds dreamy!!! Your fabric pile looks lovely and I can't wait to see what you're going to be making with those pretties :)

    P.S: I realized I was adding the wrong blog address for you. All sorted now :)