Friday, July 24, 2015

Fabric Friday: July 24

It's Pioneer Day here in Utah, and we celebrate our Utah history. Unfortunately, it's only semi recognized as an actual holiday, so while some people are off having fun, my husband is working. He could have taken a vacation day, but we have a trip we are hoping to take with our girls in September, and need to conserve days.

Anyway...all of that is just to say that we are sort of celebrating around here, but not really.

So, fabric! The bundle this week is small because it's actually a bundle I've picked out to make a bag out of. But, it's still pretty and I still want to share. I think I might make the pattern I had picked out of different fabric and save this for a different pattern...we'll have to see.

The floral is Halle Role by Lila Tueller Designs, the gray is From Bump to Baby by Gina Martin, and the solid is a Kona but I have no idea which one. :-)

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Your fabric stack is lovely! You always pick the best combos. Where do you usually shop for all the lovely fabric you showcase?

    Pioneer Day sounds like a great way to celebrate the history of your state. Our province (British Columbia) celebrates it's special day on Aug 3. It is a holiday for everyone and there will be much eating of salmon, maple syrup on everything and ending with fireworks... truly Canadian ;)