Friday, August 14, 2015

Fabric Friday: August 14

Sorry if I worried you last week! Life just got very busy for me, and the initial stress of it was overwhelming, but not in a terrible way. I was called to serve with the young women in our congregation, which means a lot more hours than I used give at church. But now that I have a bit of handle on the girls I'll be working with and what I'm actually supposed to do, I feel more empowered, and ready for the challenge. Still a bit overwhelmed, but ready.

I actually do have several projects to share; I just haven't had a chance to adequately photograph them! Hopefully soon.

In the meantime, here's a bundle of fabric!

This bundle was inspired by a block from American Quilting's Saturday Sampler from a few years ago. I was sitting with my girls, consoling one who was injured, and we snuggled under the quilt. I started looking at each block, at the colors specifically, and remembered how much I had liked one in particular, that really was quite different than the rest. The colors I've pulled aren't identical, but inspire the same feeling to me.

Top to bottom: Sunprint by Alison Glass, Mini Pear Bracelets by Lizzie House, Emmy Grace by Bari J, Ink by Alison Glass, Mesa by Cotton and Steel, Trassel by Lotta Jansdotter, London Fog by Camelot Design Studio, and Simply Style by V and Co.

Have a great weekend!

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