Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fixing Footed Pajama Feet: The Quick and Dirty Way {tutorial}

My girls love their footed pajamas, to the point that they wear them year-round. It's a good thing we have air-conditioning; if we didn't, I'd worry about them overheating during the summer! But, that means they often wear out the feet before they outgrow them. I'm loathe to replace them in the same size, so I have just made them keep wearing them, but my oldest daughter finally really wore out a pair pretty badly. I knew their had to be a way to fix them!

I googled it, and found a tutorial to unpick the bottom and replace it with a piece of fleece, and then use puffy paint to add some anti-slip designs to the bottom. I thought that seemed like overkill for something they'd outgrow, and I really wasn't interested in the attention to detail...especially if the repair wasn't going to last...so I tried just adding a piece of fleece to the inside, and it worked really well! I fixed the first pair probably 2 months ago, and my oldest daughter has been loving them. And they've held well. So, today I went through and repaired three more pairs, one for my youngest and two for my oldest. It took me maybe 40 minutes to do all three.

I'm sure I'm not the only mom out there who would like a quick and easy way to fix them feet, so I thought I'd write up what I did here. Hope it helps!

First, rough cut a piece of fleece to a little larger than the foot. Turn the pajamas inside out. Pin the fleece to the bottom of the feet, making sure to keep the top of the foot away from the edge.

Second, stitch around the edge of the foot on top of the original serged stitches. I think I used a straight stitch with the first pair, but I zig-zagged the ones I did today. The straight stitch might make it less bulky, but I'm not sure, and it doesn't bother my girls.

Third, trim the excess fleece. Be careful to not trim any of your stitches if you zig-zagged on the edge.

Turn it right side out and you're done!

Hooray for a quick fix!


  1. Great fix!! Quick and easy!

  2. Great Tut Becca, you made that look so easy x