Friday, October 23, 2015

Fabric Friday: October 23

I really didn't intend to take off more than a week from Fabric Friday...and I had this stack, and I'd even photographed it, but time got away from me. Last weekend was Fall Break for our schools, so I had my kindergartner at home and was trying to keep everyone entertained (and thus not fighting...). We did have fun; after doing some clothes sorting, we saw Inside Out, and then on Friday we went up the canyon for a picnic with some friends. Saturday we went to an life science museum, and then Monday we went to Grandma's and had another picnic up a different canyon...It kept me all on my toes, for sure.

So. This week has been slightly calmer...but not much. Still, I did get some photo editing done. :-) This is a stack based around the V. and Co. fabric. I pulled it and the houndstooth out to maybe sew together a quick thread catcher for a friend, and though I LOVED the combination, I wasn't sure it was her style. So, I kept it out, and pulled some extra cuts out to finish up a stack for Fabric Friday. I really love it. Despite the pear fabric having brown and using a black print. I still love it.

Top to bottom: (missing line and artist, but it's manufactured by Makower), London Fog by Camelot, Feed Company by Sweetwater, Color Theory by V. and Co, and Mind Your Mummy by Kimberbell Designs.

I love using holiday fabric in non-holiday makes me feel so sneaky. Especially if I managed to snag it on a post-holiday sale. Not the case with this one...but still. Awesome feeling, right?

Have a good weekend!

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  1. A great combo of rich blues and greens!