Friday, October 30, 2015

Fabric Friday: October 30

Hooray for Friday! This has been one long week of Halloween festivities, and it's not over yet. Wow. Monday, I took them to the photographer we've used for FREE Halloween photos and we painted pumpkins after dinner. Wednesday, we had a Halloween party in our church congregation. Today, my kindergartner went to school and had a Halloween party, and then has to go back at 12:15 for the Halloween parade (oh, joy...), and then we head to my husband's work for a Halloween party at 4 (but they're feeding us dinner, hurray!). And then we still have ACTUAL Halloween tomorrow. Holy. Cow.

So, I hope you'll understand why I just couldn't bring myself to post a Halloween bundle. Although, I actually am working on a quick Halloween banner. I probably won't finish it by tomorrow (see previous paragraph), but I'll have it for next year!

I've actually got a lot of projects going on right now...I'm about ready to start paper piecing the blocks for the 2nd side of a Christmas quilt (it won't be finished this Christmas, either, since I'm sure I wouldn't be able to find a quilter to quilt it before Christmas, and that's okay), I finally finished all the curved piecing for the Arabian Nights quilt and now I need to press them, I've started cutting out fabric for my Terrazzo quilt (another paper-pieced pattern), and I've really got to figure out what I'm going to make my girls for Christmas. Since I love sewing, I want to make them something every year for Christmas, just something special from Mom. But I have NO ideas. *sigh* If you have any, please, PLEASE leave me a comment. My girls are 5 and 3.'s the bundle for this week. Most of them are fabrics I ordered from Fat Quarter Shop when they were having a good sale on Cotton and Steel a few weeks back. Hooray! They actually had a sale on the basics plus a coupon code for Cotton and Steel in general, so I got a great price on the basics I adore.

From top to bottom: XOXO by Cotton and Steel, Hazel, by Allison Harris, XOXO by Cotton and Steel, Picnic by Cotton and Steel, Rhoda Ruth by Elizabeth Hartman, Rhoda Ruth by Elizabeth Hartman, Netorious by Cotton and Steel, and Curiosities by Jeni Baker.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I love the high contrast yet subtle tones in your bundle, this Friday! Have a great Halloween! My kids are already in candy coma and it's only going to get better (worse?), LOL :)