Friday, January 9, 2015

Fabric Friday

This is the second installment of Fabric Friday here. I really think this is going to be a good exercise for me, and if you struggle with picking out fabric, I encourage you to do something similar.

This week, I wanted to use red. I've been doing lots of stuff with cool colors, and wanted to get something warm and bright going. But, it wasn't complete until I added the gray, to be honest. I had pulled out the red and orange and blue, and couldn't figure out what was missing. I added the yellow, and it was still just not there. I took a look over at Pile O' Fabric's bundles for some inspiration and noticed most of the bundles include a more muted neutral fabric as well. Gray it was! I love gray so much. Which is funny, because I used to really prefer brown as my go-to neutral. It's interesting how our tastes change over time.

From top to bottom: From Bump -> Baby by Gina Martin, Oh Clementine by Allison Harris, Ashford House by Paintbrush Studio (this one came from a local quilt shop, but is probably 7 years old; it was the very first fabric I bought!), Mixed Bag by Studio M, and Apple of My Eye by The Quilted Fish.

The Ashford House fabric isn't really my style anymore, (obviously, since everything else is more contemporary and modern) but I love it anyway. It reminds me so much of textiles I've seen in Southern France that I still just love it so much. It's interesting how our experiences shape our tastes and preferences. And, since it's such a simple pattern, I think it can fit in with the more modern fabrics I lean toward now.

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