Friday, March 27, 2015

Fabric Friday: March 27

Happy Friday! This week has flown by. And I feel a little bad, but I totally live for the weekends. It's hard being a mom, you know? And I feel bad saying that and complaining, because I'm so grateful to be so blessed. I love being a mom, I really do, and I love staying home with my girls. But, there it is. It's hard.

This week, I finished up my first ever mini quilt (excluding runners, which aren't really mini quilts even though they're small, right?). I need to figure out how to hang it, and I need to take photos with actual daylight. You can expect a post soon.

Yesterday was my 5-year-old's first ever soccer game. She didn't really know what to expect, but I think she had a great time. And she even scored a goal!

Anyway, onto the fabric. I love fabric. So much. Too much--which makes it hard to cut sometimes. :-) I pulled some brown in. I know brown isn't really in, but a couple of years ago, it was my go-to neutral. And these have been in my stash for several years. Seeing this bundle on the one hand seems a little retro, a little out of date. But, I really love how brown is warm. And I think that's why it works well with the rest of the fabrics in this week's pull.

From top to bottom: Wonderland by MoMo, Hoodie's Collection for Blank Quilting, Mormor by Lotta Jansdotter, (My selvage has no pertinent information), Wallflower by Allison Harris, Bountiful by Zoe Pearn, and Chance of Flowers by Sandy Gervais.

Have a great weekend, and I'll get some new posts up next week with some fun finishes I've mentioned. See you then!

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