Monday, March 2, 2015

Petal Pushers: First Finish of 2015

When my friend Sheri, whom I roomed with in college while I was dating my husband, told me she was engaged, I was so thrilled I immediately set about making her a quilt. Mormon engagements aren't long, so I knew I couldn't dilly dally... :-) She told me in December and her wedding reception is set for the first weekend in April. Like I said...not long. It's a cultural thing, and in some ways, it's all very exciting. The excitement of the engagement doesn't have a chance to wear off before the excitement of the wedding is upon you. does put the pressure on when it comes to quilt making.

When she told me her favorite color combination was navy and yellow, I started mulling...and settled on the Petal Pushers pattern from A Quilter's Mixology by Angela Pingel. I did take the liberty of adding some aqua and gray. Who doesn't love aqua, right? And gray is such a great modern neutral, I knew I had to use gray. It's Kona Ash.

The oversized blocks made it a really quick project, and I finished up the top in only a couple of weeks. Angela's instructions for the curved piecing were really excellent, and even though not all my points are perfect in this quilt, I think they look really good for my first go at template curved piecing. I'll definitely make another quilt from her excellent book, and if you are worried about curved piecing, give her book a try. It makes it very easy to get started!

I got it off to Abby Latimer and she quilted it with Slip and Slide, and I feel like it gives the quilt great movement.

I really love how it turned out, and it's a great size--60 inches square. I hope she loves it; I'm really so happy for her. And this is my first finish of 2015!

It sounds really late for that, it really does...but I finished the quilt top in mid-January, and since I don't quilt my own quilts, it takes time to get them back. It also took me a few weeks to get it to Abby anyway... For me, it's totally worth the delay :-)

Petal Pushers
Completed February 27, 2015

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