Friday, March 6, 2015

Fabric Friday: March 6

A while back, when Instagram was raging with Alison Glass's Handcrafted line, I fell in love with a few of the prints. And then a few more. And I decided I had to have some. I luckily made this decision on a day when was having a sale on Andover fabrics, and I ended up getting them for around $9.50 a yard, I think. I was really excited to get them, and when they arrived (more than 10 days later...grr to UPS ground shipping), I tore the package open and looked at how beautiful they were.

I was nervous, I have to admit. I hadn't seen them in person when I ordered them (they are way to modern for my local fabric shops...only one of which carries a few bolts of Cotton and Steel...) but I was hoping that since I loved what I was seeing on Instagram, that I'd be able to work with them without too much trouble.

But. if you have seen the Handcrafted line, you know they have a very specific look, since they are batiks. Batiks are not typically my thing. I hadn't bought enough to make a big project with only Handcrafted (I ordered a half-yard of each of 7 or 8 prints), so I started mulling over which fabrics in my stash would work well with them.

A few days later, I started pulling things out, and I ended up with a stack of 18 or so prints (including the Handcrafted ones) that I thought would work together for a nice scrappy quilt. I had been eyeing one in Scraps, Etc, and the colors and variety I think will be nice.

And as they sat, this stack fell together within the bigger stack, and I really liked it. So that's what makes up this week's fabric Friday pull. In addition to the Handcrafted fabrics, I have Social Club by the Comstocks and a yellow print without the selvage.

Happy weekend!

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