Friday, April 10, 2015

Fabric Friday: April 10

Friday! Already! This week has been spring break in my school district, but since I have a preschooler who only goes three days a week anyway, we didn't really feel it. Especially since I was very, VERY sick this past weekend, and actually sent the girls to my mom's on Sunday night so I could recover in peace on Monday. They, naturally, begged to stay another night, so I let them...and picked them up on Tuesday afternoon. It was super helpful, and I feel so blessed that my mom lives less than an hour away and is willing and able to watch my girls when my caring for them really wouldn't be doing either of us a service. Yay for moms who are close!

It was a 24-hour stomach thing, and I really felt much better Monday, but after vomiting your entire stomach contents, better is relative and I've still be very tired all week. Still, we did manage an outing finally yesterday, and went to the Springville art museum about 20 minutes away. We usually go to the art museum at BYU, and my girls love it. Which I love--they are learning museum manners early, and basics in art appreciation, which I hope will be useful when we eventually take them to Europe in a few years. Yes, even my fun outings often have ulterior motives... :-)

So, fabric. I'm actually really excited about this bundle. And I realized something...this Fabric Friday thing is a little dangerous. See, I pull fabric, and fall in love with the grouping, and then wish I had a project I could immediately start, and the to-do list of quilts grows longer and longer...I'm just not a quick enough sewist for all my projects!

Top to bottom: Hometown by Sweetwater, A Beautiful Thing by Zoe Pearn, Love by Amy Butler, Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry, Lazy Day by Lori Whitlock, and pb&j by Basic Grey.

I really love this bundle. I'm not sure what it is about the colors, but they just sing to me. I hope you find some fabric that sings for you!

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