Friday, April 17, 2015

Fabric Friday: April 17

Happy Friday, everyone! I, unfortunately, haven't gotten much sewing done lately. I've been exhausted. I'm not really sure why, but my face has ached all week, so maybe that has something to do with it. I can't tell if it's sinus-y stuff or allergies... Anyway, doesn't really matter. I have gotten a little bit on my Swoon quilt done, and I'm hoping to finish that top up this weekend! Hooray!

I've also been busy trying to get things straightened out for an upcoming vacation that has crept up on us WAY too fast. I'm super excited, but now super stressed! :-)

Here's my fabric for this week. I really love the Cotton and Steel sun print--so cute!!

Top to bottom: Social Club by the Comstocks, Dining Car by Cotton and Steel, Sidewalks by October Afternoon, Moonlit by Cotton and Steel, Comma by Zen Chic, and Netorious by Cotton and Steel.

Happy Friday!

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