Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sunny's Quilt

Do you have any of those friends who just have everything they could ever want or need? It makes birthday gifts really, really tough. That's my friend, Sunny. She's amazing, but has literally everything. I did hit it out of the park one year when I bought her a really, REALLY large kitchen mixing bowl. She wasn't able to find one, and so when I did, I bought it immediately. She really loves it. But, those type of gifts are tough to come by for her. So, this year, when I realized her birthday was coming up, I decided to make her a mini quilt. She can use it either as a table runner or hang it.

I picked colors to match her kitchen and great room, and I think the style will fit really well. She has a Southwestern theme going on. I used some Cotton and Steel, Cluck Cluck Sew (Oh Clementine line), and Kona solids in Charcoal and Snow. And, I was able to pull everything from my stash. Love that!

I picked a pattern from Vintage Quilt Revival, and it was really fun to put together. I really like paper piecing!

I was disappointed that when I put the blocks together, my corners didn't line up well. I was hurrying, but I figured since they were paper pieced, and therefore pretty accurate, they would line up better. It's not terribly noticeable, but it is too me. I know we all pick out the problems with our own projects.

And the fact that I only needed four blocks made for a quick project. And I really love how the blocks work together to form a secondary pattern.

I gave it a super narrow binding; it shows only about a quarter of an inch on the top. I was nervous to make a binding that narrow, but I didn't want to add any borders and also didn't want to cut my corners off. I'm pretty pleased with how it worked out.

I opted to do some straight line quilting because I'm just not very good at free motion and don't feel comfortable giving gifts with my poor quilting.

I had a deadline; another friend and I were going to take her to lunch on Saturday, and I finished it late Friday night. But, the birthday girl got sick, so we've had to postpone. Because we postponed, I got to take the quilt out on a field trip and got some better photos.

I'm hoping to deliver it soon!

Sunny's Mini quilt
completed April 2015
straight line quilting by me!

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