Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lucky quilt

I don't usually make two quilts simultaneously; it's difficult for me to keep things straight. And I didn't exactly make these at the same time, but I did all the cutting together and I dropped them off at the quilter's at the same time, so I kinda made them simultaneously.

I chose to make my girls' quilts out of the same fabrics but with different patterns so they would coordinate but be unique.

I based my youngest's quilt off of Camille Roskelley's Lucky pattern. It look me a long time to settle on it; Spin Cycle was easy for me. I'm not sure why, and now I can't remember why I picked it; but I think it complements the fabrics nicely.

My youngest was SO excited when she saw I was finishing it up; I really loved that both of my girls appreciated their quilts. I hope they love them for years to come.

completed May 2015
quilted by Abby Latimer

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