Friday, November 13, 2015

Fabric Friday: November 13

It's been a week, hasn't it? We went to San Francisco and left our girls with my mom last Thursday, but left her with sick kids. Unfortunately, the stars made sure we got to deal with sick kids too, and they have remained sick this week. My oldest vomited the night before we left, and while they were both super whiney all weekend, they didn't get sick again until we were home. My youngest vomited Tuesday night and Wednesday night, and we're hoping she's done. Cleaning up vomit at 3 in the morning is awful. Of course, I shouldn't really talk since my saint-of-a-husband has been the one to clean up the majority of it...bless him.

San Francisco was wonderful--sunny, warmer than it was here in Utah, and so delicious.

And this week, I've been overwhelmed with the sudden realization of ALL THE THINGS. I keep adding projects to my mental to do list and finally sat down to write everything I need and want to do and their projected due dates, and, just whoa. Christmas is coming up fast, folks.

Fabric, though, makes things feel better, doesn't it?

Yeah, fabric. This week's bundle was started with the three fabrics one up from the bottom. The houndstooth down to the blueish-purplish one. Some of you may remember that I'm in a Flickr Mini Challenge group, and last month the challenge was appliqué and it had to include the color orange. I wasn't thrilled with the appliqué thing...I don't do hand-applique, and I didn't have any bright ideas. I do actually like machine appliqué...I use my Silhouette Cameo to cut things out and then iron them on before top-stitching. I just didn't have any ideas. Especially with orange. So, I went to my stash and looked for orange...and I do have orange fabrics, but I wasn't really feeling the pumpkin thing, and looked for fabrics with minimal orange. And if you look closely, squint even, that blueish-purplish Cotton and Steel print has just enough orange. I pulled the other two and thought I might actually get around to something...but never did. C'est la vie.

So this stack was born! I love the softness of it and think it would make a great baby quilt that's not too babyish. From top to bottom: Netorious by Cotton and Steel, Wallflower by Allison Harris, A Beautiful Thing by Zoe Pearn, Modern Minis by Lori Holt, Trendsetter by Fancy Pants Designs, Circle Dots by Riley Blake, Homebody by Cotton and Steel, and Hazel by Allison Harris.

Happy weekend! I'm hoping to get some solid sewing time in...

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