Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Italy Inspiration

I returned home from Italy a couple of days ago, and we had a fantastic time. So amazing. I'll probably post some more photos later, after I have time to go through them all, but I've been dying to share the quilt inspiration I found there!

I was absolutely blown away by how much quilty inspiration there was. So many tile mosaics inspired by the Eastern tradition, and so many geometric designs in the frescoes. It was amazing.

And, you'll have to excuse the quality of photos, please. Churches are often dark, the mosaics/frescoes may or may not have been in a convenient spot to photograph...anyway, the photos are mostly for reference anyway.

I'm so excited to start planning quilts, though! I came back so inspired. There were familiar patterns, and patterns with slight twists, and new ideas (to me) altogether. One of my favorites was in a the crypt in Siena with no photography. So I sketched it out, but no photos today.

These are from San Marco Basilica in Venice. The floors were amazing, and the walls and ceilings were covered in gold glass tile mosaics.

I loved this medallion and hope I can figure it out.

These are all from the floor: it was fascinating to have so many different designs all on the same floor.

This is the gold tiled ceiling.

I had forgotten that Doge's Palace is covered with quilt blocks. It made me smile when I saw it. :-)

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