Friday, May 29, 2015

Fabric Friday: May 29

Man, jet lag is real. I always try to convince myself otherwise, but I am exhausted. Maybe I'm just tired. My current strategy for beating jet lag doesn't really help with strategy (for traveling east, like to Europe...) is that I try my best to sleep on the flight there. When we arrive in Europe, it is mid-day, and my philosophy is that I need to stay awake until a reasonable bed time to reset my clock to Europe time. Thus, it's important to sleep on the plane there. But...for returning home...well, we typically arrive late at night. Our flight this time landed at 11pm. If we've slept on the plane, it will be more difficult to sleep at night when we are supposed I do my best to stay awake on the return flight. That means that by the time I actually get to go to sleep, I've been awake for nearly 24 hours...and I'm just not good on very little sleep. It's not pretty. So, although I'm mostly reset to Mountain Daylight Time, I'm still trying to catch up from my exhausting day of travel.

It was totally worth it, and we'll go again as soon as we possibly can. :-)

I've been slow to get back into quilting, mostly because I've been exhausted. But, I trimmed up my girls' quilts so they are ready to bind, and I have some ideas for my around the world craft swap partner. And, my youngest today demanded her own library book bag, so I've got to get on that, too.

While I haven't turned on my sewing machine yet, I have picked out a new fabric Friday bundle. I wanted to do something bright and summery with pink. And surprisingly, the two florals here play really nicely together! I was pleasantly surprised.

So, top to bottom: Trassel by Lotta Jansdotter, Color Theory by V and Co., Metro Living by Robert Kaufman, Wallflowers by Allison Harris, Trassel by Lotta Jansdotter, and Wallflowers by Allison Harris.

I have to admit, I always feel a little bit like I'm cheating when I have more than one print from the same line....but they play nicely together, so I shouldn't. And as long as it's only 2 and there are a variety of other prints, it won't look too matchy-matchy. Still. Also, I'm not sure why I feel guilty at all about fabric choices. Weird.

Happy weekend!

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